How It Works

  How It Works:

Bring Your Own Partner (BYOP): The Bring Your Own Partner leagues (Doubles League) consist of 7 weeks of regular season and 1 week of playoffs. Each week you will play a new team in your division 3 times. All of your games count towards your win/loss record. Every team makes the playoffs. 

BYOP Divisions: There are 3 divisions in each of our leagues for you to choose from. 

  1. A Division: The A division is for players new to cornhole who want to get out and have fun during the week. These players love the social aspect of the game. 
  2. C Division: The C division is for players who enjoy playing but want a more competitive aspect of the game. These players have some skill and are honing them in on the boards but still want to hang out with their friends and socialize.
  3. W Division: The W division is for the players who take this game very serious. These shooters consistently put all 4 bags in the hole and live and breathe cornhole. Don't be surprised to see this group at all the local tournaments with winnings in their hands. :)
Blind Draw: The Blind Draw league (Singles League) consists of 7 weeks of regular season and 2 weeks of playoffs.  Each week you will randomly pick a partner out of a hat. Depending on where you and your partner finish that week you will be assigned points based on that finish. (1st is 25 points, 2nd is 24, 3rd is 23, etc..) You must play in 5 weeks of the blind draw and pay your league fee by week 3 in order to be eligible for the playoffs.  There is a weekly charge of $10 in addition to your league fee that will go towards the weekly payouts and the singles tournament payouts. All of our weekly blind draws will be American Cornhole League Local Points eligible.

Multi-League Discount: If you play in both the BYOP and Blind Draw leagues at your location you will receive a $10 discount.

BYOB (Bring Your Own BAGS): All of our leagues are BYOB leagues. However, ALL bags MUST be on the ACL approved manufacturer list. If you do not want to bring your own bags don't worry we will supply you with ACL approved bags to use at no cost. You can view the current ACL approve bag list HERE.

Money Shot: $5 for 3 raffle tickets (Max of $20 per person and whoever buys the tickets must shoot) Raffle ticket picked at random, Winner gets 4 bags to throw in the hole, Each bag is worth 1/4 of the pot! The catch is you have to wear completely blacked out sunglasses! (Must throw league bags)

Sidepots: We have decided to add the OPTION of Sidepots to all of our doubles leagues. In order to increase payouts and the competitiveness of the sport we think this will be a nice addition. If you've ever played in an ACO regional you're aware of how sidepots work. If not listen up! These sidepots will be a $40 one time per league fee that must be paid by week 3. Again this is completely OPTIONAL! The team with the best regular season record and the team with the highest finish in the playoffs (ONLY teams who paid into the sidepot are eligible) will split the sidepot. This will be two separate payouts split from the total sidepot. This is separate for all 3 of our doubles divisions. So only W league sidepots compete against other W league sidepots, only C league sidepots against C league sidepots, etc... If this is a popular option we will increase payout spots to accommodate the extra buy ins.

BYOP Playoffs: Doubles league playoffs takes place the week following the regular season for A and C divisions and the following week for the W division. The winners of each division and some times the runners up will be included in the next highest levels playoffs. Think of this as a way of testing your teams ability to see if you're ready for the next level.

Blind Draw Playoffs: Singles playoffs takes 2 weeks. The first week is for pool play and the following week is for the top 16 and consolation brackets. Pool play consists of pods of mini tournaments. The top 4 from each mini pool will compete in the following week's main bracket for the big cash prizes. The other players who do no make it out of their pools will compete the following week in the consolation bracket. 

American Cornhole League: You can think of the American Cornhole League (ACL) as a national league with points rankings. We are regional directors for the ACL and will be throwing Regional and Local points eligible tournaments throughout the year. Check our Facebook page for the most up to date tournament listings HERE. More information on the ACL can be found here.

T-Shirts: All players signed up by week 1 of each league will receive a T-Shirt. Anyone who signs up after week 1 will only receive a shirt if supplies allow.

*Everything on this page is subject to change without notice and to our discretion. League sizes will greatly effect everything listed here.*

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